Ketocosmo – A Starter’s Guide


Ketocosmo: A starter’s guide

The basic guide for a quick understanding of the “ Clean Ketogenic Diet”

For us, “going Clean keto” is more than a diet.


Product Description

It is a long term approach for a healthy, clean and conscious lifestyle. It’s a way of life that renders optimal energy, good sleep, a clear mind, and a boosted psyche all day long. Both of us have a personal history of illness and a lifelong battle against weight. While experiencing every diet humanity has discovered, we always ended up being token jo-jo-girls. The target is to enjoy life as much as possible while appreciating delicious, healthy food. Clean keto is not just about losing weight. It is so much more! The clean ketogenic diet will also help to restore your hormone balance, reinvigorate your energy levels and will aid in disease prevention.

The ketogenic lifestyle is life-changing! Countless people have joined our movement and we hope we can inspire you as well.


Tania & Kathleen




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